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Transcendental Breath Session in-person

Register below and join us for a 

Transcendental breathing session

Thank you for booking an in-person breathwork session.

Please read the following information in advance to your in-person session

What is Transcendental Breath?


TRANSCENDENTAL BREATH is offering a circular diaphragmatic breathing technique based on the powerful Transformational Breath® modality. The session is set to music, combined with touchpoints, tuning, intentions, mantras, and other healing modalities.

During the session, you can access a deep state of consciousness that may cause an emotional release. It works by oxygenating the body, increasing blood flow, and bypassing the conscious mind.

Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time

Please avoid eating for one hour in advance of the session.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate ease of movement, and breathing.

The session duration is between 60 to 90 minutes.

Session schedule

  • ~ 10 minutes to discuss intentions, mantra, and clarity of what wants to be healed.

  • ~ 10 minutes intro and guidelines

  • ~ 45 minutes of deep breathing set to music and guided support

  • ~ 15 minutes to go inward, get grounded and rest

  • ~ 10 minutes for follow up and aftercare tools

Date & Time: This Saturday at 11 am PST.
Location: online via Zoom.
Event details: Please join us for a 20-minute breathing session this upcoming Saturday.

Please join me (Eyal), Sitaramaya Sita and Gabe Noel, for a special meditation with live music and a 20-minute breathing session this upcoming Saturday.

Please donate, all donations will go toward our Community Land Fund.

Please check your email after you sign up for the donation links, Zoom meeting information, and additional guidelines.

Important meeting information:

Please arrive five minutes in advance of the meeting, please adjust your camera in a seated position to show your hand, belly, chest, and face.

The entire meeting duration will be 60 minutes, see the meeting schedule below.

Schedule · This Saturday, all times are Pacific time.

11:00 am — 11:05 am
The waiting room. We allow five minutes window before closing the room at 11:05 am.

11:05 am — 11:10 am 
Special meditation by Sita with live music by Gabe.

11:10 am — 11:20 am
Intro and guidelines.

11:20 am — 11:40 am 
Transcendental Breath Session

11:40 am — 11:50 am 
Ending the breathing session and landing back into our body.

11:50 am — 12:00 pm 
Sharing circle and gratitude (this portion of the session is optional and might extend beyond 12pm, please plan accordingly).

If you have any questions, please send us a message using our Contact Us page.

Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday.

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