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"Eyal did a great job helping me deepen my breath, he listens well and I felt at ease. Thank you for a great session!" - Lia

"Focused & present! Excellent Overall!" - Amanda

"Wonderful!" - Julie

"Eyal was very diligent and attentive.
He made sure we were comfortable and had everything in place to make the session a perfect experience. From comfortable mats to lavender filled eye masks!
He created a safe and loving space for a profound experience and was very tuned into our process.
Thank you for a powerful session." - Sasha(Producer) & Luis(Director) of the movie "The song that calls you home".

"The transcendental breath-work session was truly amazing and so personally needed. It was facilitated with great care in a way that put me at ease where I could be open to the process. I was guided through the experience and helped along the way. By the end, I was left with a state of bliss and peace and connection to my higher self. My intension was definitely met. It is so wonderful to be able to get to this state in such a short amount of time. Genius!!! I would highly recommend. You’ll be left with gratitude and more!!❤️" - Sally

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