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ABOUT Eyal Biber


Eyal Biber is the founder and owner of Transcendental Breath. In July 2017, during a personal life crisis, Eyal participated in a group meditation. This group meditation was the awakening moment that started his spiritual journey. During that journey, Eyal attended different breathing modalities; after hours of breathing, facilitation, and guiding others, Eyal started Transcendental Breath.

Eyal has a college degree in Management Information Systems, he is currently working in Hi-Tech, and on the weekends he focuses on Transcendental Breath in order to support others in their healing journey.

Eyal overcame life-long depression, negative thinking, overthinking, lack of energy, anxiety, and anger issues.

Nowadays, Eyal lives his life with a deep sense of purpose, inner-joy, peace, calm, open-hearted, and more connected to others.

Few words from the Transcendental Breath founder:

Dear brother or sister,

Thank you for taking the first step into the world of Transcendental Breath, the Transcendental Breath experience can have a profound impact on your life, and I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you.

It is my honor and privilege to facilitate your Transcendental Breath session and guide you in your journey, as you tap into something bigger than you can currently imagine.


With gratitude, joy & love,

Eyal Biber
Founder & Owner

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