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Breathwork research & science

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Breathwork research & science
Breathwork research & science

The Science behind Breathwork is in its early stages and we expect to see more research in the near future as breathwork is expanding.

The latest research highlights for Transformational Breath®:

  • Significantly improves oxygen capacity in respiratory patients.

  • Brings a Significant Increase in Well-being.

  • Helps improve generalized anxiety, social anxiety, music performance anxiety, depression, and well-being and reduce physiological measures of anxiety in professional voice users.

  • Increase creativity, original thinking and generating new ideas

  • Oxygen Benefit on Cancer Prevention: Hypoxia (low oxygen) directly inhibits tumor-suppressor gene activity. The authors state that oxygen is an important co-factor in preventing hypermethylation of "TET enzymes" thus preventing cancer by reversing such gene expression.

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