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Breathe In, Breathe Out.


Transcendental Breath Julie testimonial

Julie G.


"Wonderful! I was able to access my feelings and have a profound emotional healing experience."

success stories

Transcendental Breath Lia testimonial

Lia A.

Yoga Instructor

"Eyal did a great job helping me deepen my breath, he listens well and I felt at ease. The breathwork session was amazing!"

Transcendental Breath Amanda testimonial

Amanda B.

Special needs teacher

"Focused & present! Excellent overall! Eyal approach is unique and it took my personal healing to a new level."

Transcendental Breath Couple at peace
Transcendental Breath Santa Monica
Transcendental Breath, breathwork for couples

Backed by science


Improves oxygen capacity in respiratory patients.


Brings a significant increase in


Reduce anxiety,

social anxiety and depression and improve well-being.


Improve creativity, original thinking and new ideas

Visit our Breathwork Science & Research page to

learn more about the science behind Transformational Breath®

The Transcendental Breath Experience

TRANSCENDENTAL BREATH is offering a circular diaphragmatic breathing technique based on the powerful Transformational Breath® modality. The breathing session is set to music, combined with touchpoints, tuning, intentions, mantras, and other healing modalities.

Evidence-based results

The benefits start from the 1st session. Hundreds of breathers find deep healing, inner-peace, clarity, a boost in energy, and joy right at the end of the 1st session.


Where do I start?

One TRANSCENDENTAL BREATH session can have a profound impact on your life. We currently offer 1-on-1 sessions and group sessions for up to 3 people.

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